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“a cunning style... with a spring in its step
and a sample in its heart"


Wave Dweller - Heartbreaker (LIVE)

Performed on Novation Launchpad using Ableton Live.

Wave Dweller - Straight And Narrow - used in the video ''Octopus bimaculoides'' (Partial Pressure Productions)


Peter and Trevor Fulks are underwater cameramen, filming wildlife and shipwrecks, as well as donating video services to Southern California non-profit organisation (Ocean Defenders Alliance). Their goal is to show people the incredible creatures that lurk underwater. Here they licensed Wave Dweller's track 'Straight And Narrow' for a video showing the California ''2 spot'' octopus.


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Wave Dweller - Wish I Were There (Album Promo)

Behind the scenes of the track 'Love Ain't Been Clear' from the album 'Wish I Were There'.

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